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Lots of Music Coming... NEED VIDEOS!!!

2011-09-09 15:50:51 by cherryrounderz

At a rate of two songs a day (if I remember) I will be uploading various tracks from the upcoming "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cherry Rounders" album that I'll be making copies of next year. I'm the guy that made the famous "I Eat Poop" song in 2000 that is found on the internet a lot and had a lot of fans. What I'm doing is creating a "concept album" that tells a story, strangely deals with faith (sort of), but leads to the next album "Cherry Rounders in Space" when its conclusion comes along. Its an MP3 Album, meaning over 100 songs!

I'm looking for videos and animations! If ANYONE wants to make ANY video, no matter how lame, short, poor quality, and fast it takes to make, and I get enough contributions to add to the live action videos I myself am working on, I'll put all contributions on an upcoming companion DVD of music videos. There are also videos on youtube of people singing along and/or dancing to the 2000 I Eat Poop song which I'll splice up into one complete song and use as well.

Update: I'll pay. Name your price beforehand and show off your other animation skills, preferably flash music videos. If you need ideas I'll totally brainstorm for you, but I prefer to see what people come up with.

Lots of Music Coming... NEED VIDEOS!!!


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2011-09-11 00:00:17

cherry rounders creator here... still awaiting approval. I do realize there's no audio which I speak of. The first time you post audio it has to be approved. Two days so far! It never took this long before, sheesh. Newgrounds must be quite the happening place moreso than it was half a decade ago...


2011-09-11 22:22:49

approved now mate, have a blast!

cherryrounderz responds:



2011-10-05 20:38:01

sorry i don't make animations so i guess i pass ;)